dois leveduras idoso – ACT II

IMG_0863.PNGVenue: At rue de vigata. Inspector Montalbano is busy solving the case ‘Find the lady‘ that men are still glued on too. Women are talking about a new company which is giving 100% interest on their money. The company has a beautiful office in a palatial mansion. Crowd was thronging to deposit their money so that they can double it in a year’s time.

Mood: Cacophony owing to the noise and tense because of the case. Continue reading “dois leveduras idoso – ACT II”

PE-2 and CEN.PK meeting 6: the lost art of writing

PE-2 writes a letter to CEN.PK as CEN.PK could not bear the heat of Brazil. It decided to hibernate in the labs of Peter Kotter or undergo another evolution experiment at Nielsen’s lab in Chalmers. Though the bond between Seine and Petruska is purely of platonic nature, PE-2 misses Seine. It decides to write by jotting down the thoughts in its DNA as the Swiss scientists recently shown that information stored in DNA can survive for eons. Continue reading “PE-2 and CEN.PK meeting 6: the lost art of writing”