Interesting Speeches!

Kamal Haasan (born 7 November 1954) is an Indian film actor, screenwriter, producer and director, considered to be one of the leading method actors of Indian cinema (Source: Wikipedia). He gave this interesting talk at IIT Bombay, India. He ♣♣♣ Shahrukh Khan (born 2 November 1965), often credited as Shah Rukh Khan and informally referred to as SRK, is an Indian film actor. Often referred to in the media as “The King of Bollywood”, Khan has acted in over 70 … Continue reading Interesting Speeches!

Book written in DNA code

Source: The Guardian Scientists have for the first time used DNA to encode the contents of a book. At 53,000 words, and including 11 images and a computer program, it is the largest amount of data yet stored artificially using the genetic material. The researchers claim that the cost of DNA coding is dropping so quickly that within five to 10 years it could be … Continue reading Book written in DNA code