dois leveduras idoso – ACT II

IMG_0863.PNGVenue: At rue de vigata. Inspector Montalbano is busy solving the case ‘Find the lady‘ that men are still glued on too. Women are talking about a new company which is giving 100% interest on their money. The company has a beautiful office in a palatial mansion. Crowd was thronging to deposit their money so that they can double it in a year’s time.

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Mite busting in the land of meadows


They are coming.
The little mite guarding the drawers at LEMeB
rushed inside to convey this bitter news with
much remorse to the seniors who have been
laying eggs meticulously, day and night in
the narrow labyrinths where there are old-fashioned
HPLC syringes and stainless steel
filters and many other items that many
not know what they are for, are stored.

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