Google Glass

If you haven’t heard about the excitement around Google Glass – the head-mounted glasses that can shoot video, take pictures, and broadcast what you’re seeing to the world – then here’s an idea of the interest in them. Last week, someone claiming to be testing Glass for Google auctioned their $1,500 (£995) device on eBay. Bidding had reached $16,000 before eBay stopped it on the basis that … Continue reading Google Glass

A Functional IMAGINARY Tale (reblogged)

Any one familiar with Microsoft Excel functions, will be able to appreciate this writing from the spreadsheet guru, John Walkenbach I’ve been sleeping on a COT for a MONTH NOW because I don’t have any CLEAN SHEETS LEFT. So TODAY I went looking for SHEETS — SUMPRODUCT that offers REAL VALUE for the DOLLAR. The MEDIAN cost varies in different AREAS, so I got on … Continue reading A Functional IMAGINARY Tale (reblogged)


I recently acquired a Livescribe Smartpen to convert my handwritten notes into digital format. The software enables me to transfer my notes directly to my Google docs or Evernote account. Related Smartpen Wifi e-pens convert your pen strokes into editable, high definition digital copies. Ideal for everyone from students to professionals to artists, e-pens don’t require expensive tablet PCs e-Touch pen – convert pc into a … Continue reading Smartpens

Bookless school where everyone has iPad

A school in Bolton is pushing the boundaries of education by putting away pens and paper and giving all pupils and teachers their own iPad. Source BBC Related Why US schools are embracing ebooks and iPads Is Google’s Chromebook the future of computing? Bett 2013 Festival of Education London Knowledge Lab Oxford Human Brain Activity Continue reading Bookless school where everyone has iPad

Interesting tips from Tech Blogs

Digital Inspiration – Technology Blog Google cloudprinting Keep your Google Contacts Up-to-date Hundred Zeros How to Create an eBook from Wikipedia Articles Get the Most Out of your Kindle Reader with Free Tools How to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat Send a Free Fax to Anywhere in the World Izik iPad app – search engine for tablets Related Guiding Tech Techcrunch Lifehacker J Murali’s … Continue reading Interesting tips from Tech Blogs

Children, Wired: For Better and for Worse

Children encounter technology constantly at home and in school. Television, DVDs, video games, the Internet, and smart phones all play a formative role in children’s development. The term “technology” subsumes a large variety of somewhat independent items, and it is no surprise that current research indicates causes for both optimism and concern depending upon the content of the technology, the context in which the technology … Continue reading Children, Wired: For Better and for Worse

Managing Information: Part II

The learning process can be made more effective and productive if we can customise the document with necessary annotations and bookmarks that point to specific locations in the document. A free program such as Foxit Reader ( could be used for this task. Foxit Reader helps generate required bookmarks with a few mouse movements. Read more… Source: The Hindu   Using Mendeley’s bookmarklet, Web Importer … Continue reading Managing Information: Part II