About me

In this lifelong exploration, my current destination is Sheffield where I investigate the microbial physiology for the production of bulk and fine chemicals.
Microsoft Certified Excel SpecialistMicrosoft Inc.2010
PhD in BiotechnologyTechnical University of Denmark2005
M.S. (Research) in Biochemical Engineering & BiotechnologyIndian Institute of Technology, Delhi,India1999
B.S. in Chemical EngineeringRegional Engineering College, Durgapur, India1997
Higher SecondaryTVS Lakshmi Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Madurai, India1993

Teaching & Administration

2007 – 2014

2009 –2014

2009 – Present

Chemistry teacher – Brockwood Park School, Hampshire, UK School Administrative & Database Coordinator. Chemistry

Teacher, Brockwood Park School, Hampshire, UK

Database Manager, Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Hampshire, UK


Apr 2020 – May 2020Researcher at The University of Sheffield, UK on ‘Production of bacterial cellulose’
Aug 2019 – Mar 2020Researcher at The University of Sheffield, UK on ‘Organelle engineering for improving the ethanol fermentation in yeast’.
Jan 2018 – Jul 2019Postdoctoral researcher at The University of SheffieldUK on ‘yeast propagation and fermentation using microbubbles.
Nov 2016 – Dec 2017Postdoctoral researcher at Chalmers University, Sweden, on ‘Bioenergy’.
2014 – 2016Postdoctoral researcher at University of Campinas, Brazil, on ‘Bioenergy’. Advisor: Prof. Andreas Karoly Gombert. Lab website
2005 – Aug 2006Postdoctoral researcher at University of Pennsylvania, USA, on ‘Mitochondrial dysfunction in mammalian cells’.
2002 – 2005Worked on the PhD project ‘Physiology of glucose repression mutants in Saccharomyces cerevisiae’at the Centre for Microbial Biotechnology, Biocentrum – DTU, Lyngby, Denmark.Advisors: Prof. Jens Nielsen and Associate Prof. Lisbeth Olsson, CMB, DTU, Denmark.
2002 – 2003Worked on the project ‘Design of novel sugar transporters in yeast by gene shuffling’ at the Centre for Microbial Biotechnology, Biocentrum – DTU, Lyngby, Denmark.Advisors: Prof. Jens Nielsen and Associate Prof. Uffe. H. Mortensen, CMB, DTU, Denmark.
2001 – 2002Research assistant at Centre for Microbial Biotechnology, Biocentrum-DTU in the project Metabolic Network Analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae’employing glucose repression and the redox metabolism as a case study’.
1999 – 2001Junior research scientist in the Department of Biotechnology – India, sponsored project ‘Gellan (a bacterial polysaccharide) production, optimisation and applications’ at the Birla Institute of Scientific Research (BISR), Jaipur, India.Advisor: Prof. Purnendu Ghosh, Director, BISR, INDIA.
1999Management trainee in the project ‘Hepatitis-B vaccine production’ at Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Ahmedabad, India.
1998 – 1999M.S. Thesis:Production of Poly Hydroxy Alkanoates (PHAs; also known as bioplastics) from Cheap Substrates’, at Department of Biochemical engineering and Biotechnology, IIT, Delhi, India. Advisor: Dr. T. R. Sreekrishnan. IIT Delhi, India.


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