une journée mémorable


When in a moment of tranquility,
And thoughts peek through the kaleidoscope
of life with its experiences manifold,
what else is apt than to be with friends,
who we care and cherish?

ö ö ö

And so, on a Thursday, the day of Thor,
many a country men and women in the
corridors of IndSySBio — the conjoined twins
they were — received an invitation from none other than
the French lady, Mlle. A.

ö ö ö

Situated atop a hill, on a street named after
the nobility, in an apartment
newly constructed, dwelled our amie A;
A luck did she had, with waiting times as long as
one’s lifetime on this planet, so it is said.

ö ö ö

A jaw dropping view of the giant wheel, the city and the horizon beyond,
doth bring envy to many a desolate soul.
The wheel, an icon for ascent and the seventh heaven itself,
and the horizon, which is limitless, stoically portray the essence of life.
After many a jump and many a fall, Mastuggsgatan was at last besieged.

ö ö ö


Guests started pouring in promptly on a Saturday.
And including the host herself,
surely made we a dozen different nationalities.

ö ö ö

Quichés of various kinds vied for everyone’s attention,
And snacks at the table yearned to moisten their selves’
With a generous sip of beer or wine.
The din from the effervescent crowd,
did overshadow the lonely music.
(the music felt bereft.)

ö ö ö

Birthday card was passed around
when a selected few went for a fag
accompanied by Mlle. A.
Various shapes and imaginative texts were
impregnated forever on a delicate paper that caught each ones’ emotions.

ö ö ö

Gifts were offered and emotions ran agog.
A scarf from one or a ittala bowl from other,
and to use this paraphernalia at an opera for two.
With such splendid gifts by one and all.
relished merrily we on three little desserts thereafter.

ö ö ö

With the night still young,
and with plenty of beer and wine left to consume,
An argument or two is surely warranted
And thus pursued a discussion on ‘words’ and
And other such things.

ö ö ö


Alcohol is surely a funny substance.
It doth maketh one to lose ones’ inhibitions.
Never do we realise that there is another self
in each of us that comes out like Jekyll and hyde,
in times most unwarranted.

ö ö ö

Left I at midnight sharp,
Else I become a pumpkin like in the story,
But I am sure that those who remained had a
Time most memorable.
ö ö ö

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