Our lab cleaning week


On this Valentine’s day as the world was busy proclaiming
its love to their beloved, elsewhere in Chalmers,
tucked away on the sixth floor at IndBio,
five meticulous souls toiled long during the lab clean week,
To make it memorable for many days to come!
Yes we c(le)an, to quote Obama’s phrase ):

With M as our cheerleader,
R, S, T and I, gladly
will bear the responsibility and
maketh shalt this yet another cleaning week,
a successful one to our heart’s content.

Keepeth an eye, we will, on the many flasks and tip boxes,
that waiteth as Chinese Terracotta warriors once did
in the caverns of Shaanxi province;
with their sharp edges and shiny surfaces,
verily outdoeth the beauty pageants of Broadway.

The bio-waste dutifully collected
in 20L polypropylene bottles by one and all,
with LB or yeast extract with a dash of
ampicillin or kanamycin and a sprinkle of
yeast and bacteria, must be cremated in
big metal chest with copious amounts of steam.


Tears would well from the pipes in
the autoclave room to mourn the departure
of once obedient slaves they were;
Many generations of these minuscule forms
shedeth their lives for a better future
of our beloved mankind.

Trolleys filled with cylinders and flasks and other
such paraphernalias, would be ferried across the corridors
to undergo cleaning, to make them spick and span.
Shelves adorned with cleanest glassware beckons
the passersby for further experiments.

Cardboard boxes with cute little vials
with liquids of various colours
will be cooled to keep their charm and prominence.
And the nasty chemicals with unpleasant smell
will ruthlessly be shoved away for Stena recycling.

Friday welcometh the day of goodies.
Plastic baskets will scream to M
‘Me, me’ to swallow the filters and eppendorfs
and gloves and syringes in their gigantic bellies;
The gargantuan store room by the kitchen will run short of
many of its constituents and many millions of Kroners
will be spent to satiate its voracious hunger.

Another Friday will come
With Tom, Dick and Harry as the team mates,
They will once again show that
Yes, we can c(le)an.
And this way, the rite of passage is passed on
For generations of researchers to come.

May the Gibbs free energy be with us ):

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