Ett mycket gott nytt år


The New Year just announced itself, like it has always for eons;

Another year for our aspirations, jubilations and melancholies to weave a

pattern that is as distinct as that of million little snowflakes.

That we proudly call as ‘Us’, is perhaps Nature personified? I wonder.



When the first ray of Sunlight gushes from the horizon

to show its bright face to the residents of Gothenburg,

the clouds dance spectacularly; the canals and lakes,

and the ever-spacious Sea, swirl and tumble their belly with much delight;



Elsewhere, in the Southern Hemisphere, Sun drenched Brazileiros 

yearn for a respite from the harsh Sun that scalds their back ruthlessly.

Such is the law of Nature; Such contrasts it surely presents;

Did one learn to exhibit emotions from mother Nature? I wonder.



New Year is an occasion to finish old stories, to bury one’s

enmities, to start a fresh garden, where the produce

is free from memory of the past; the only memory is the seed,

that holds the passion for Life; the passion, that is neither yours nor mine, but very Nature’s? I wonder.



I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

A year where a million little stories are shared

with great warmth and immense pleasure…



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