Arara Azuls and the little child



Every day these two birds

(Arara Azuls they were)

Would pass by and send off Julia to the Escolá in Centro do Piracicaba.


The Azuls would see her mum Mme. Cordoso going off to a company in Campinas to work, to earn a living, to save her family.



Her dad works his heart out at a company, sponsored by MASP.


Just like these two birds, the Cordoso family nurtured Julia.


One day, through an act of Providence you may say,

The family moved to the countryside of




There the Arara Azuls and Julia had a gala time indeed.

Every morning, over breakfast Julia would look out of the window and the Azuls would come to have chirpy talk with her.

Mme Cordoso need not coax Julia to forsake her tablet and look more at the clouds.

To read Machado da Assis and Cecilia Meirelles

Balzac and Voltaire,

From faraway lands…



Julia realised that Freedom is contained in words

Despite words being merely associatory.

The Arara Azuls told Julia to never let go of the power of words.


The world of literature is a society in itself.

Although the visual media brings instant gratification, reading employs other parts of the mind, so told the Azuls to Young Ms. Julia.



The Arara Azuls come on Segunda, Quarta e Sexta feira at 6 am sharp and wake up Julia. Whilst she does her morning Yoga,

The birds would somersault in the air and sing melodies to cheer up the little child.


On Sundays they come a bit late with açai from the forests of Amazonia.

Julia would have it much merry for breakfast with granola and milk powder.


The trees are happier for the Arara Azuls built a community

The clouds are happier that Julia looks up.

The stars are happier that they shine brighter.

And Mme Cordoso and Monsieur Louis are happier também to see their child grow up as a whole human being.


One thought on “Arara Azuls and the little child

  1. Is this Arara azul from Adamantina?
    Very beautiful history Vijay.
    I’m not seen them anymore, : ( , but we still remember them.
    Good Night.

    Mme Cardoso… rsrsrs

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