Thoughts gush from the foothills of Mendoza…


Gatherings such as the one on 25 June, at livris village, which sits atop a hill,

And overlooks the magnificent valley of Campinas, makes me truly wonder at this mysterious entity,

Called Human race. May we proudly proclaim that Human kind are also capable of:

Immense compassion and kindness ?



Festa Junina was “once” an occasion for partner prospecting and for simply being together;

Standing excitedly, in a ballroom of unimaginable length and breadths, men and women would take a cursory peek from the corner of one’s eyes, to consume each other’s beauty;

Women with their hair plaited, wearing short skirts and checked tops, sip caipirinhas boldly;

Men in their Sombrero hats, wait in anticipation, like a lonely crane perched on a rock in the Amazon river, for the dance to commence.



With much enthusiasm, Grandmas’ and Grandpas’ would share anecdotes of many a resplendent evening, in the community halls of Belém;

The traditional bolo de Paçoca e caldo de milho and many other salgados and doces, laid on a simple wooden table in the corner;

And our old Padre Carvalho busy noting down many a wedding that would happen in the months soon to present.

And alas, such simple things of the past have indeed become history and soon be relegated to our imaginative worlds.


Drawing by JB

And on such an evening, passionate kisses were exchanged between many couples in the veranda of Pamelablos.

Master Boris, the four month old canine-part-human, ran hither thither searching for meat crumbs;

Crianças de J e A’s – Master E and Miss M, were playing Jenga with Pedro in the living room, whilst exuding their innocence.

And we hear David W talk about wrong decisions made and the hitherto rise of machines.



Elsewhere in the Kitchen Marquinhos was busy stirring a pot of condensed milk with chocolate and cognac;

Our lovely Adni, feeling cold, covered herself with a satin scarf, sipping a glass of chocolate quente.

Couples- Ricarla, Bobielle, Rosaner and Carledro, were huddled together to beat the cold, feeding each other like a mother bird to her broodling.

And in a corner, Augustine and Alberto were having a drag and consuming Fernet con cola and having an earnest discussion on something that I know not.



We listened to Pink Floyd’s mix as well as Vijay’s song that he sang with much nervousness.

Just a while ago, Augustine and Vijay discussed the origin of fear and lo behold, fear manifested

out of nowhere, like a raging forest fire in California.


In the information age that we are in now, we swipe and text, to peruse the beauty, in our palms,

Like a street fortune teller. Time surely brings change. Merely puppets, are we in the hands of this Goliath ?

Surmise do I at times, and await for a response from the ‘ether’lands. With progress, old Values are buried and new opportunities are born.

The inevitable laws of Nature, it is, and we shall not be able to do anything about it ):


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