A different kind of a copa !


The banca after many a closed meeting in
the sala de estudos com amigos e amigas
decided to appoint Herr Ferrari as the new chairperson,
of the ever famous COPA: ‘Consortium of Philosophical Advocacy‘.


Monsieur Philip in his Ferrari, dashed
to the market with an air of confidence,
to buy as bolachas, o cafe e muitas
outras tradicional salgados. The
philosophical charm that exuded off him
made many a flower blossom in the aisles by the till.


Meanwhile, Jiel with her saxophonous charm
fulfilled the duties with great aplomb,
what with the biscoitos de chocolate
among many others with benevolent help from Cila the chauffeuress.


The COPA shall carry on
even after we have all graduated.
What will remain in our grey cells and the four walls
would be the memory of the 4pm conversation that took place
on a Friday evening or the 11 pm pizza on a Tuesday evening
in between our sampling during our fermentations.


Such is the delight of being at an University.
Studying is merely one aspect of the whole. Being
a part of COPA is a kind of an education too: of
responsibility, care and sensitivity. Perhaps this is the
very reason that university institutionalises us, for it offers
us a secure place for our thoughts, and the actions that arises thereafter.

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