Letters to a friend – III

As I start to compose this email, the time on my computer
is reading 18:50 hours. And elsewhere on the planet
Precisely where you are in the shallow land of Ether,
it is just 10 minutes to midnight, wait it is just 9 minutes to
midnight and I have exactly 9 minutes left to finish this email.


= •

It is your Birthday, is it not ?
And it is good to hear from your friends and family,
after all, we are like trees, and we need our
environment to flourish, else a wandering
goat might just bite the sapling and kill
it right and there; alas, the plant would have lost
the potential to live, to soar high,
to see other trees, the sky, the stars
from a greater height.

= ↵
It is 7 minutes now.

= ↔
I better hurry up.
I have known you for a year and a half,
and on the way back Sao Paulo on
the 23rd of October, little did I know that
a friendship will blossom.

Yes, indeed we did.
Six minutes now.

I listen to Pietro Mianiti as I wrote. Helps me to concentrate.
You have been a wonderful friend,
to listen to each other’s musings
as well as our good times with Emé.
= →
We did have good times.
I hear that you are coming on the 31 of February
after conquering successfully the CRISPR-CAS
and other such tricks.

= ∼

Congratulations to you my dear friend.
You have the weight on you,
just as Atlas is carrying the Earth on him
and you are doing pretty well.

Four minutes.

I Wish you a very happy Birthday on this wonderful day.

I wish that you learn more and share your experience with
students and researchers alike, wherever you are.
= ∴
Good night my Friend.

Three minutes.

Time to just add a picture.


A minute left.

Hurray, I made it.

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