Of rejections, melancholies and aspirations…


Countless  number of project proposals across the globe
are not approved by funding agencies, including
many PhD students, postdocs and research faculties.


The hopes of conducting collaborative research abroad are thus quashed.
Being a hard working and a responsible citizen isn’t sufficient any more;
One ought to be concerned about impact factors
and a long list of publications in hitherto unknown journals.


Quantity supersedes quality.
If not provided a chance, how could one prove his/her worth at all ?
I shall then wonder how the big labs and powerful people happily
secure the funding and if the ‘law of diminishing returns’ ever applies to them ?


Do the funding agencies ever read the publications
and ask if the content is relevant for our society at all ?
After all, where is the novelty when one merely changes the feedstock
and conducts exactly the same set of experiments ?


Science needs freedom to explore.
It cannot be chained by funds and bureaucracies.
The truth or the unexposed facts will be discovered sooner or later,
for truth is beyond human.


Meanwhile, all we shall do is to carry on
with a broad smile and hope that a benevolent
person showers his/her dollars on
the not-so-published and less-powerful ones too.


Until then, we will toil,
and not yield to the pressure
that society and funding agencies demand from many
millions in this world, including lonesome researchers such as we are.


This much I know that persistent hard work in imparting quality education at international standards will bring wonders, in countries mired in neck-deep bureaucracy. I hope in the near future that insightful and thoughtful people would hold the helm of affairs, thereby bursting open the imminent scientific blossoming that has choked the aspirations of many a number of intelligent and equally sensitive people in this beautiful country. I have been quoting Mr. Obama a lot, but it is befitting to say that ‘Yes, we can’. Till then, I can only utter boa sorte todos.

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