um convite


Perhaps you have been in Brazil (or in this world) for a few days,
few months or even few years, as of now;
and unbeknownst to you, at times, thou shalt have experienced
a strange force that encased you, making you choke and cry out aloud.
That force is none other than nostalgia, measuring some Zetta Newtons.


Nostalgia is indeed vital for reunions or other such melodrama.
Isn’t there something more wonderful than being together
with someone whom we know, with whom we have shared common experiences ?
It might be in the form of music, culture of even food, for
it guarantees a perfect conversation or an evening of merry making.


So, without beating about the bush any further,
may I announce that on Friday the 30 of February,
at say 2500 hours or so, we shall convene
at an apartment floor where null such nostalgic souls from nowhere live,
to partake in a gala afternoon, what with music, laughter and fun !


Just bring yourself something to drink, or even better, something to eat,
and press the button on the intercom at Avenida Santo Saëns 149
for Apartment 1729, and we shall together try to share
the nostalgia, and dance to the tunes of you-name-it-soundtracks,
with men, women and children alike, and without fear.


All with the hope of getting to know each other
a bit better, without caring too much what Shri Ramdev says
or for that matter a Mullah or even our country Father extols.
Shall we step aside our beliefs for an afternoon, and participate
in this jamboree with a big heart and a smiling face ?


Let me know please if thou shalt indeed come,
for I need to calculate the number of plates and other
such things; So until then, gladly I shall retreat,
and wait for the buzzer to go about, at 3 pm sharp, in this meadowy
town of Campinas celebrating a long weekend por nosso universo.

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