Living life: As it happens

Two obedient roaches

A worker ant, it was
carrying a leaf blade,
almost ten times its size,
was crossing the bicycle lane,
from one side to the other,
very carefully, never letting
go of the leaf, with nimble
and meticulous movements;
There it was, the big wheel
of a giant bicycle,
with no knowledge of this
tiny creature, and its load,
crushed the ant;
History is written right and there.

Perhaps she was 80 years old;
She lives opposite the barão-crossfit
centre; Men sport muscles like
puffed vegan cakes, and flat belly like
an  iron board; Women were in their tights, and
during a quick askance look,
one might mix up the gender;
Caution has to be exerted at all times
in deciphering the gender in the new age,
as the boundary is becoming blurred.

Ah yes, the old woman I described earlier,
had wrinkles; like the one we see on a beach
where the receding water has created
many miles of undulations;
she sweeps the cobbled pavement
outside her house; every day; the wind too
plays with her; for a moment a small leaf is
momentarily air borne, experiencing
zero gravity; there she is, going after the leaf,
to snatch the freedom, to be binned in
a black bag, to be gagged, without any oxygen;
She is living her life;
the leaf is long dead, as
per the definition of life;

Even the lonely tree in the courtyard of
the food engineering department at Unicamp,
despite an orchid, and many birds as tenants,
looked sullen;
with the padaria being closed
and no young undergraduate students around,
with their laughter, giggles and screams, the
inhabitants of various labs including mine,
missed the vibrant energy of the youth;
they were all looking forward
to the hustle-bustle, soon;
around the table with pão de queijo and bola de milho,
with their friends and labmates,
these biological beings,
once again will become jubilant;
What a contagion, the youth are;
We need them.

Every moment is indeed a fleeting one;
History is made at that instant;
Is it not up to us to be
observant, to make note of
the beauty and the ugly
side of life?
History will also forget us;
We shall, too, merely become a number;
Life is ephemeral, yet
we have enormous aspirations…

The morning announces itself,
without any effort; The lonely
tree on a busy road in Avenida Santa Izabel,
home to a family of birds, and a swarm of hornets,
is full of life already;
The melodious chirp of the birds
is still audible, despite the
slow traffic at 6 am;
Workers, students, and old alike,
are being transported by EMDEC buses
to Campinas central; Another day is just born;
The concierge of the ATLEX gym will soon arrive,
drag the chains on the locked parking bay,
to give way to the cars; Young people,
with their electronic wearables
arrive to exercise their body;
Day is slowly unfolding, wonder
what it has today which is
different from yesterday;
Life is indeed happening,
every moment…


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