Such simple treats does every day presents…

Cafe in Barao Geraldo, Campinas

I see beauty in this.
I see beauty when I
Lunch at Bandejão,
At my University.
I see a myriad of
Like small fish
In an ocean.

I need to write.
To tell the story of each one;
Every face
Holds History.
Their life, their joy.
The simple pleasures
They indulge in.
Even checking their messages in whatsapp.
The women who serve.
Such beauty they hold.
Beauty is
In the eyes of the beholder.
They serve food.
They are God.
They are our mothers.
Our teachers.
I see women at the cleaning area.
Black and brown.
Washing plates and cutlery,
For hours standing,
With a cap on their head
In such a hot room.
We build robots
We tweet, we do vlogs,
All with the hope that someone
Watches, reads, those bytes.
Is the whole world lonely,
Trying to express,
Their thoughts and feelings?
Yet, when actually met with a real person,
Those words and feelings
have not the power to emote us any more.
Strange it is.
Have we become immune?
Have we no heart and a mind?
Have we only a brain?

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