Me first, says all the organs…

How does a bruised number look ?

The brain says:
I think, therefore,
I deserve more oxygen.
The legs tells:
I take you
To a myriad of places.
I deserve more oxygen.

Paris, 2007

The hands squeal:
I give you the pleasure of
Touch, to feel.
I deserve more oxygen.

Marlowe theatre; Canterbury 2007

The eyes expound:
I show you the beauty
And ugly side of nature’s
Creations for a balanced
Life: Therefore
I shall deserve more oxygen.

Marwell zoological park, UK

The ears howl:
I make it possible to
Listen to the mellifluous
Voice of a nightingale
And the raucous noise of
A cricket, for a nuanced
Perception of sound.
I deserve more oxygen.

At a cafe, in Canterbury

The nose quivers:
I give you the power of smell,
The secret to attraction.
I deserve more oxygen.
When all these organs
With a multitude of functions,
Demand the oxygen,
What is the best way
To optimise the share?
After all,they
Function as one being.
Somehow, after millions of years,
Nature managed to optimise the
Supply. Know now what
The optimisation function is ?
But the organism seem to work.


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