Ah, The Rain…

I see the rain water gushing down the street,
On the curb, by the pedestrian path;
At times, many a stream converge.
Does it have a heart of its own
I constantly yonder.
For the brook seems to know
Where it has to go.

Near Brighton, UK

In same vain,
Do the big bipeds
And insects,
Birds and fish,
Know where they
Go in life ?
But then,
What defines life?

Mother & Daughter

I see many young women
Plump and thin
Shaking their bodies
In a rhythmic fashion.
A big black man with broad & wide shoulders
Keeps these disciplined souls
As in a yoke.
I shall be amazed by
The obedience of these girls to their master.

The Vyne, UK

The brook and I,
Pass by many bodegas,
Which is regularly visited by
its favourite customers;
They serve fried chicken and beer
And coxinhas too;
The telly goes on in the background,
To add narrative to an otherwise dull atmosphere.

Dead fish in a lake in Rio

I look at the sky and see the clouds congregate
Do The clouds too have a heart I ponder.
For they seem to coalesce and disperse
In a conversational manner.
Like two ants meeting at a junction.
Like two neurons at their synapsis.
Like two soldiers assembling at the borders
For a war.

Two souls extinguishing the fire…

Here and now,
I see a massive lightning.
Perhaps that is how
Celestial bodies
The thunder
Representing the hulabaloo
Of the speakers.

Almost ethereal…

At last, the ambiance was still.
Nothing moved;
The sedentary palm
In the corner or
The molecules in air.
People crisscrossed
The corridors,
To break the ennui.

Not quite the palm, but it is indoor…

The palm inside a building
Never smells the air outside,
The palm outside was joyfully
Jostling its leaves.
They stare at each other.
Will they ever get together.
I wonder.
We see birds and insects,
Dogs and cows,
But I always wonder,
Where do they go
To die.
Who mourns for them?
Will the mother bird come back
To feed the chicks?

My dear friend James’ dog who is no longer with us…


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