The story of a white board

We have a white board in the office upstairs where we usually sit, if we are not working in the lab. This poem came to life on Friday, while cycling to work. The white board yearns for its alter ego: the black board. Of course, these words can be erased, but once they have come together and joyfully consummated, they become inseparable. They reach a stable union which even the Goliath cannot pull them apart.


Eu sou quadro branco,
I am the white board
Eu gostaria de conhecer
I would like to know
meu amigx quadro preto.
my friend: black board
Junto nos vamos
Together we will
fazer um casal bonito: branco & preto
make a good couple: white & black

Nos vamos ler as notas por
We will read notes by

Nos vamos cantar as poemas do
We will sing the poems by

Nos vamos rer as caricaturas do
W, R e F,
We will laugh at the caricatures by
W, R and F

Quanto tempos nos bons teremos.
Such good times we will have

We will have the bees
and the pitcher plant.
Though we shall not see the sky
we shall but smell the wind, food and coffee,
and get cleansed by rain water from above.
Life is indeed beautiful
And we shall ask for no more.


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