My ever so dear clouds…

Just as one sperm
among 400 millions
fertilises one egg,
one drop of water
among 400 millions,
inseminates a cloud too.

The clouds move together
like families,
Aren’t families an invention
of the human mind:
Forever bemused I am,
of this wondrous system.
I see them, these clouds,
like herds of sheep,
on the English country side,
Up the valley and down the hills,
Always there, and
Never once forsaking me.
At times, I see their monstrosity,
like extremist warriors,
ready to pounce on
a differently religious human,
like the places you and I know,
not far from our minds and hearts.
The wind pushes them
sometimes gently,
sometimes harshly,
even the clouds
shall need pressure,
Such times, are we living in.
They keep moving, and
get pushed into the oblivion,
Or vanish into thin air,
Just as the differently
thinking (and living) are cast
aside, preyed upon and obliterated.
These masses of grey white clouds,
Such beauty they possess,
Know not they gender,
nor feelings, yet they
move en masse,
as one mind and heart.
When I am forlorn in this world,
These vacuous large and small white gobs,
Shall fill me with joy,
And, take me to a land of merry and gay.
Never before would I be so satiated,
as the sight of these adoring clouds.
IMG_1599 (1)

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