Letters to a friend – I

Warm hugs from dry Brazil
To our far away friend in the ‘nether’ lands,
Where people as tall as a sugarcane
Ride small bicycles that are aplenty,
Perhaps, to a Bistro round the corner –
To drink a cappuccino,
Grab a waffle,
Or simply for a stroll.

…by the many canals that crisscross the whole country,
That is sinking under water,
Yet remaining afloat,
Owing to an engineering marvel
Of water abatement,
That the Dutch are so well known for;
And countries far and near,
Learn to emulate this unique design,
To combat the climate change,
With a bit of pride,
And say to the future generation,
That ‘Yes we can’,
As Mr. Obama had nicely put it.
Strange is not that water is everywhere,
Yet many millions have not the access
To potable water,
The biothanol and the biodisel,
And the Paulistanos and the Hollanders,
Need this life’s elixir.
Yet the Dutch lands have to save themselves
From drowning,
In this very elixir
That are in plenty.
Does Nature too
Segregate us…?

Sky from my flat in Campinas
Sky from my flat in Campinas

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