Ripples of a holidaymaker

Enthralled I am to see the shining lights
On the distant horizon,
Emanated by numerous cars and trucks,
Criss-crossing the national highway,
over valleys and hills,
On the way to Jundiai,

In the forests, by the lush green meadows,
With people inside, perhaps families, and kids too,
Going on a holiday to the beaches of Ubatuba,
Perfectly juxtaposed between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro:
the muscular brother and jocular sister of u b a t u b a.
And Senhor Joao Pessoa
Shall be merrier than ever,
For the sales of bedspreads,
Straw hats and scarves,
Shall fetch him a lump sum amount,
In the sandy beaches of Ubatuba,

And for the first time,
Senhor Pessoa and his family,
Shall taste good quality meat,
and drink seasonal wine,
Ah, what a respite this shall be,
from their usual gruel and swig…

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