The Future shall be nothing but Digital !

Aping another organisation,
while bent on holding on to power,
the famous five shall carry on,
with no one to rein them on.


Gone are the days in history,
When stalwarts like A
D and M,
And other such infamous people,
wielded their intelligence and honesty
as their only mighty weapon,
to subdue cunning souls
and outwit loud critics.


Time has perhaps come to succumb,
and yield the throne,
to the phenomenal youth,
who have come to seize the power.

And with such fear and sorrow
we shall proclaim,
To our future masses
of this grave new imperialism,
Of ousting the experienced and the old,
In the name of change and brighter future.
Is there a charade more brilliant than this ?

C & D are the new E,
the Jesus, Krishna and the Mohammad,
from our own world;
They possess such charm and
talk so glib,
Thou shall drown in their
modern discourses and solutions.

The modern world
loves solutions and brevity,
All so quick,
All so deft,
Gosh: where are the people,
who shall be governed,
Alas, long forgotten,
the common masses are,
amidst this ruthless efficiency
and ascending charts.

Welcome to the modern world
my dear child.
we shall educate you,
to fit into this new system,
Let’s forget K,
That old person s(h)e was,
Let us infuse you
with the modern scriptures
from our own corporate world,
in the name of C & D,
the father, the mother and the holy numbers.


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