Bruises of many kinds

Bruised ants, talking to each other ?


A bruised banana
in my kitchen,
Invites many an ant,
Up the wall, by the crack,
Reaching up to the soft crevice.

How does a bruised number look ?
How does a bruised number look ?

Bruises too come in many forms;
A Bruised soldier is ashamed,
To reveal his wound;
He shall rather die,
Than reveal the wound to His master.
Such is the pride,
Of this loyal soldier.

A bruised sky due to leaf piercing !

A bruised soul
Is hard to heal.
Time alone might bring some solace,
For no concoctions of our Grandmother
Or the melting words,
From our loved ones,
Can extirpate the bruises.
A bruised part in our body
Invokes a series of reactions,
Vitamin K and white blood cells
Enter the war zone to thwart
Any intruder from maiming the master.

How does a  bruised cloud look like ?

At times, a clever miniscule,
Outwits the system,
And seeks refuge in some part,
Feeding on blood and fluid
And other such paraphernalia.
On one such day,
When the sun was shining
And the clouds were hanging,
Like chandeliers in Blenheim palace,
A fellow named H.I.V,
Showed his appearance.
Prejudiced as ever he was,
He targeted meek and brave equally.

Bodies were falling
And spirit was ebbing
But this fellow’s hunger
Seemed never satiable
Many a soul
Have shed their lives
Under the gallows of this
R u t h l e s s fellow.
Science is galloping,
At an unimaginable pace,
And this fellow too outwits
Science with equal gait;
Families and friends pray
That this fellow leaves forever,
For the medicines,
and the cost incurred,
adds fuel to their miseries
but not
Heal their deep bruises.

Death with its scythe
Death with its scythe

Time and again we hear
Bruises of other kinds,
Many a tear have been shed,
By many a soul in various places.
I shall always wonder with
Equal curiosity,
Of this thing called bruise.
How does a bruised thought
Look, feel, taste, smell?
Do humanity share common bruises ?
Can we come together and heal Together
Like the Vitamin K and White Blood Cells
and put an end to Bruises
of all kinds forever?


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