Thoughts are like clouds: Part 1

Watching ‘The wings of desire’ the following thoughts just flowed through my mind. The sun does it job dutifully. The cicadas drown us in its monotonous noise in Campinas. Do the cicadas not have hearts ? What about the songs of the nightingales and the blue-jays ? The owls and the sparrows. Is this what is called as the monopoly in nature ?


  1. When did the notion of only bringing up one’s children arise ? Are we not children of the world ?

    1. Is civilisation going through phases ?
    2. What happens to all the text and videos, music and art that is published ? Will there a digital archive of our living ? Or as they in Thermodynamics, will we have heat death in the form of data deluge and storage incapacity ?
    3. Is there a need to eat meat produce through factory farming ? Is there another way to consume meat ? Is efficiency the key in this process ?
    4. The moon hangs. I’m able to reach it. I can hold it in my arms. The cold light soothes my mind. I see the crater on its surface with my binoculars. I see Mr Armstrong and all others who have imagined being there. The power of imagination is limitless indeed.
    5. My family. Have I lost them I wonder, at times. Will I become like them ? How will I be in 20 years time ? I will be 60 years old and many of the pledges that countries have promised to mitigate climate change would have come true. The world will be different. Optimism, is a nice drug. It elevates me. The stars will be there, and so the sky and the moon and the sun. They will not age, not inn my life time. I would.
    6. Is there a danger of one becoming immune to living life and only living in an virtual world ?
    7. Is it right to take the life of another ? The law and order persecutes murderers and those who commit crimes. Who punishes the nations who commit atrocities ? Will there be more Judy Clarke(s) (a lawyer in the US), ready to save the convicts from the gallows ? How long will religions and ideas divide people ?Is peace ever reachable ? Is it a figment of our imagination ?
    8. M/FGM: tradition and culture. Aren’t we all humans first ? Why these ceremonies ? Why do we have to ashamed of our body ?
    9. Ah, perhaps the ceremonies bring tribe(s) together. I am only a speck of a dirt in the evolution. Will I ever know if my thoughts have a place too ?



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