Thoughts are like clouds: Part 2

Hawkers are not allowed to sell on the trains in the suburban trains in Bombay. There is a lady who regularly sells sarees. She gets caught one day and she pays a penalty of 400 Rupees (4GBP). This does not deter her. She continues doing her job as she has no other option. Eventually she manages to buy a flat in an apartment complex in the suburb of Bombay.  Her dream is to send her kids to a English language school. I admire her entrepreneurial skills. If only more women have the courage like her.

evening sky in Campinas

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Thoughts are like clouds: Part 1

Watching ‘The wings of desire’ the following thoughts just flowed through my mind. The sun does it job dutifully. The cicadas drown us in its monotonous noise in Campinas. Do the cicadas not have hearts ? What about the songs of the nightingales and the blue-jays ? The owls and the sparrows. Is this what is called as the monopoly in nature ?


  1. When did the notion of only bringing up one’s children arise ? Are we not children of the world ?

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