Sous le ciel de Paris

In Paris, we  went to Hediard (equivalent to Fortnum & Mason in the UK; still affordable for someone earning a minimum wage) and passed by Maille (gosh, a shop exclusively for French mustard) and watch shops – selling watches ranging from 50,000 to 75,000 €. India’s per capita income is ~ 1500 USD and  it is ~ 40,000 USD for France and UK. Continue reading “Sous le ciel de Paris”

Thoughts are like clouds: Part 2

Hawkers are not allowed to sell on the trains in the suburban trains in Bombay. There is a lady who regularly sells sarees. She gets caught one day and she pays a penalty of 400 Rupees (4GBP). This does not deter her. She continues doing her job as she has no other option. Eventually she manages to buy a flat in an apartment complex in the suburb of Bombay.  Her dream is to send her kids to a English language school. I admire her entrepreneurial skills. If only more women have the courage like her.

evening sky in Campinas

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