Spontaneous overflow

The Skin – the waves of the sea;
The curved waist – the beaches;
The breast – the mountains;
The hair – the forest;
The silhouette – the gracefulness of the carioca woman;
And at the feet of the statue the ibis.

Rio (Mythological Guanabara) by Remo Bernucci ​ – Sculpture; Poetry by Cristovao leite de castro, the CEO of the cable company which is still managing the sugar loaf mountain.

To my friend who was a history teacher;
Finland. A fine land indeed.
Need I say any more ?
Thou art amidst the fauna and the flora
with the mind taking a repose.
Bornholm, Denmark
Bornholm, Denmark
More adventures such as this,
shall make the heart just right
after all doing art makes one less right
(as in right wing), as they say in BBC.
The finns and the fjords
or the nords who took the swords,
Not I remember such historical detail
But I shall rejoice in your new found choice.
Alas, you are the history teacher
and thou shall teach me a bit of a story.
Write I these words,
Know not have they any meaning.
After all words joined together
like beads in a string
or ATGC in  DNA
still gives a unique meaning
to a few.
Dictionary with the word freedom removed. Rio Museum of Art.
Dictionary with the word freedom removed. Rio Museum of Art.
Ah, Hiking. How my heart yearns for it.
I shall envy your utopian land.
Curious I am about the Finns,
If they actually talk straight or
at times be like a flint.
After all you are quarter of a Finn,
But I still miss the others three quarters.
Pleased I am with your new life my friend,
You solitude and search for wilderness
I hope you meet someone nice.
The leaves in the wood are different.
Seasons change and brings with it
its own newness.
Old trees fall down, young saplings uprooted
by the tireless and strong wind.
Others wait and watch,
perhaps they suffer too,
but they are helpless
for the forces are too strong.
Here and there we hear some one grumble
about the fallen souls
but the morning jobs and the mature students
neatly rake the leaves on one side
and seek warmth from the bonfire.
Know not any more where the text is going
But it is utterly moving to see the place
where in ancient days we moved
heaven and earth. our aspirations and laughs
our tireless walks across the corridor.
room checks and tutees.
Gosh not the least I remember any more.
All the very best my friend.
Do tell me about all your adventures.
I am sure you will have many.
Wonder I if you speak any Finnish at all
or use only sign language of all !
I miss hearing your narrative
be it in the school meeting or
in another unbeknownst time.
I was playing with words to see how far I can continue.
Sky is the limit now.
But I shall retire now
For I need to work ‘morrow
at 8:30 sharp.

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