Research News – 9 – On Proteins

There have been so many interesting research news over the last six months that I decide to give them all in one installment. It may make a good holiday reading. The first in this series is about proteins in general.

1. Exploring the limits of protein sequence space
Exploring the variability of individual functional proteins is complicated by the vast number of combinations of possible amino acid sequences. Podgornaia and Laub take on this challenge by analyzing four amino acids critical for the interaction between two signaling proteins in Escherichia coli. They build all the possible 160,000 variants of one of the two proteins and find that over 1650 are functional. Even though there can be very high variability in the composition of the interface between the two proteins, there are nonetheless strong context-dependent constraints for some amino acids, which suggests why many functional variants are not seen in nature. Science STKE 10 Feburary 2015.

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PE-2 and CEN.PK meeting 9: Outuno

Gosh it has indeed been a long time. Yes it is. Yes it is. So comment Petruska and Seine meet after their long break.

Gruyere cheese stacked, Gruyere, Switzerland.
Gruyere cheese stacked,
Gruyere, Switzerland.


share their

hobbies and their

passion over a cup of

earl grey tea at Caracoli,

a cafe located in Alresford,

a village with maximum number of millionaires.

Such hedonists they were, they decide to go out for a drink to taste what they have produced through hard work.

Was it hard they surmise ?

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