A curious case of life in action


Water has the ability to blend with the surroundings. Named as Agua, Aqua, Jal, Paani in a variety of languages. Didn’t you notice its multiple personalities as snow, ice, vapor, steam? Remember the early morning dew? What an ethereal pleasure to walk on the grass, wet with morning dew, in the dawn of the day. Water has the innate ability to encompass everything on its way. Like a mother having an enormous bosom for her loved ones. The first drop of food has water as the main ingredient. Kudos to our Water.

Dihydrogen oxide. Water is the symbol of purity. So pure that it can even douse a smouldering fire from a conflagration. So powerful that it can even drown you with its expansivity and abundance. We feel the angst in the form of Tsunami’s, venting out her suppressed emotions in the form of hot springs while docilely remaining submissive  in the form of stoic glaciers and icebergs. 70% of earth, where we live in, is in water. 70 % of our body is made up of water. Water percolates, seeps through and drips down every nook and corner of our body. So, encompass, absorb and transmute by showering your camaraderie and bonhomie to every parched and thirsty soul. They need you. Make them realize the need for the elixir of life.

I should also know that at every single moment the cells that maketh my body are constantly in war with their enemies – the micro organisms, extirpating them so that the rest of the cells can live in harmony. Do the cells that overcome the microscopic invader exhibit altruism? Every life in this universe wants to survive amidst all odds and despairs. Can I then argue that to be selfish is innate as this quality is impregnated in each and every cell in our body and that it is passed on to our lineage too?

So long as men breathe,
do the cells soothe thee.
Thou shalt stop thy breath
And the microbes subjugate thou self.

Taming the smouldering fire to the tip of our fingers. Conquering the mighty earth using spacecrafts.

Time is powerful and we all perform the play spanning 60-75 years (Shakespeare has already said that ‘all the world is a stage, and men and women are merely players) and sometimes donning several roles in the same play. The play never comes to an end. Only some one else takes over once we leave/quit the play. The play has a director, producer and some talented artists. The mediocre are taught to act (some men are born talented, some are made talented and some have talent thrust upon them). On some occasions we merely repeat the same play several thousand times until a reformist director comes out with an entirely new concept of play to break the ennui.

Mothered by the wonderful mother,
Nourished in the womb,
Bathed in the amniotic fluid,
Breathed through the umbilical cord,
Played in the stomach,
Pranked her with kicks,
Troubled her with pains,
Filled her life with substance,
Made her existence with a beautiful countenance,
Converted two to three and made one from two,
Blithe and joy,
Happiness and sacrimony followed,
Childhood: passed on by one and scooped by another,
Remembrances and experiences swallowed,
To gallop non-stop, to survive, to support, to purport.
To conquer time and fate and make it still.

drawing by Vijay
drawing by Vijay

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