Thought goes a voyage

At the Fields shopping in Forum in Copenhagen
At the Fields shopping in Forum in Copenhagen

It was nice to see people playing. Of all ages. I see small babies crawling on foam cushion

on the floor. I see younger children tight rope walking assisted by volunteers.

I see women and men skateboarding  with long skates. I see an intense table tennis match.

It was good to see teenage boys doing something different so that they are not stereotyped.

The ball wants to be free but it is contained in a quadrangle on either side.

Eu tenho liberdade, eu tenho escolha, (I have freedom and I have choice) the ball screams !

Samba flows in the feet of a damselfly fluttering the air.

I saw a women with white blotch all over her body. I see a man with tennis shoes,

with white spots all over his body. I see a lady whose dance movements

were like leaves under a gust.

I see an injured gigantic grasshopper.
I see ants devouring it already

from her distal end.

I weep. Why does life have to be so cruel.

Why do I have to witness such violence.

Is this what is called the survival of the fittest ?

Brazilians wear T-shirt with verses in English and it always bewilders me

if they understand what they sport on their chest !

Chick dancing samba
Chick dancing samba
  1. Pitbul care for the dog
  2. Life us a beach
  3. Don’t entry
  4. Please be gentle with my heart. It is made with love.
  5. Miami is over
  6. In Bali.
  7. There is nothing that chocolate can’t

The workers fell the cane.

The vendor squeezes the cane at lraca do coco

Long live sugar.

Ready to be broken down by Petruska and Seine to Ethanol

(the two yeasts that I have been writing about)

To harness the power within the sugars.

They stress themselves

to the acid excess

drain themselves of ATPs

(energy currency of the cell)

yet they dutifully reproduce

without losing their viability.

kudos PE-2 and other unsung heroes and heroines

after all, know I not the gender of brewer’s yeast.

Painful it was to see them die to the alcohol excess,

powerless I was to rescue them from this dreadful misery.

I shall be blighted for life


I could not save the minisculest lives of all.

Imagine those Lovely colours on a petridish

where different organisms grow happily side by side

without remorse and without fighting.

hand print
 Awestruck I am,
As always,  when I see
Mother Nature in Action.
What else need I say,
Other than saying that,
Nature is bountiful indeed.
A child, a palm and
a bit of air and food
Hurray. The microcosmos
reveals itself to the macrocosmos
During a chance reconnaissance
at the playground.
Is it true that microbes do
love to play ?A veritable truth proven at last,
Have they perfect symmetry
and boundary,
I wonder.
How meticulously they
maintain their fences
without trespassing,
Do they snatch food from others
Often I surmise.
But Darwin says the fittest
shall survive.
We need to test its theory
too in the future.When I am in pensive mood
These minuscule beings
fill my heart with wonder
and make my worry go away.
Have they the power over life,
I shall always ponder.

Chance encounters,
Occasional emails from near and dear
and far way and close
is what makes life livable.
After all, humans shall not be
able to live alone,
else, they wither away their flowers
in autumn weather.

Life Is Beautiful.
The colours.
The wind, the sun.
The Saturdays and Sundays
And Samba and Buarque.
How much the heart yearns for
Yet, when it actually meets it
I shall wonder if lives the moment.

It is silly to see people fighting in the name of religion
even in the 21st century.
Brahmins fighting with the Sudras,
Catholics fighting with the protestants.
Shias with the Sunnis,
Pacifists with the Aggressionists.
Prime minister Mr. Abott defending against the gay marriage.
Canadians protesting against the International yoga day.
Amusing to hear a politician uttering to another to say those three words
which are against his faith.
Words. they are words.
They have the power to rip apart a nation.
Frightened I am to use words.
Cautious I am to utter a word.
Words have become Frankenstein’s master.

Why, why shove one’s ideals on another, I wonder.
Humans are animals.
We invented religion and culture.
We invented language and morality,
We can change and we have the
potential to live in harmony.
Without hankering for power.

Yearning for a time when
humans shall live life
for life’s sake and not
for an ideology or a person.

I was shocked to witness that America, the land of freedom, still punishes people for abortion, has death penalty and solitary confinement. Mr Obama, please change these atrocious measures against a fellow human being.
Outside the library in UPenn
Outside the library in UPenn

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