Short stories


Ways to have fun at the beachWays to have fun at the beach

As I grow older, I find that the people I know become crazy in one of two ways. The first is animal crazy—more specifically, dog crazy. They’re the ones who, when asked if they have children, are likely to answer, “A black lab and a sheltie-beagle mix named Tuckahoe.” Then they add—they always add—“They were rescues!” Read more this article by David Sedaris, for ‘The New Yorker Magazine’ here.

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PE-2 and CEN.PK meeting 4: Observations

CEN.PK and PE-2 had a lull period last week. They learn that Vijay is waiting for the nitrogen cylinder with 99.999% purity. Vijay needs the nitrogen gas to maintain anaerobicity in the culture medium. It costs 450 Reais for 10 m^3 of gas.

IMG_2336(North Devon, England)

PE-2: Seine, I have so many observations and questions to share and I wonder if one generation time is sufficient to share them all with you.

Generation time is the time taken for the mother cell to become a daughter cell.  It is equal to 0.693/mu, where mu is the growth rate of the organism under the given conditions. Growth rates made easy !

Petruska contines to speak…

When we, I mean our hexose transporters, transport  glucose, do we act cooperatively like the human beings ?  Do we have friends ? Would we want friends ? Continue reading “PE-2 and CEN.PK meeting 4: Observations”