To retire

sun set

The director of IIT Delhi who resigned recently due to dirty politics writes:

“Care needs to be taken that the internal differences are not exploited by the outsiders to affect our functioning”

The Hindu

A former editor at ‘The Hindu’ submited a resignation letter which was very thoughtful.
“There were no selection procedures or prior consultation or evaluation of candidates that are normally followed in any well run company. In other words, the start of the so called professionalisation process has itself been carried out in a wholly arbitrary, non-professional way…”
Full letter from The Guardian
By retiring the problem is still there, waiting to be solved. Would I stop thinking about the problem because I am not formally associated with it any more ? I may have given my life to the job that I did for decades. Would my mind put it aside those years or work, the hardships, the late nights, the pain, the happiness, the thrills ? Does that mean that honesty does not prevail ? What is it to live in a world when people around me think I am wrong and they are right ? That is what is happening when people fighting with each other for centuries. How can we, as intelligent human beings, sit and talk together, and solve a problem wisely ? Are we incapable of such an action ?
I, myself, was in a predicament, like the above two situtations, where I quit a job that I loved. I am asking why I gave up, why I did not have the patience to sit and talk. I realise that my mind wanted quick results and I rejected one idea in favour of another one. I can see that as long as I am adhering to this or that, I will have a problem and intelligence will not manifest. Like a waterfall, to flow without resisting and when met with resistance, deftly change the trajectory, without knowing where one is going.

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