Research news – 1

  1. Mineral Composition of the Sugarcane Juice and Its Influence on the Ethanol Fermentation: Magnesium seems to aid bioethanol production. The authors analysed the composition of sugarcane juice from three different places in Brazil. The authors recommend keeping the Mg2+ conc. above 600 mg/L to prevent the reduction in the yield.
  2. The Point of it all: A PhD student from the US shares his experience on his project. He writes: “Wrestling with a research question is a rewarding intellectual exercise, but an appreciation of the broader context of the research can enrich it. These multiple sources of motivation leave little room for career-related anxiety”.
  3. Succinate strikes: High level of ROS generated during a stroke is caused by the accumulation of the metabolic intermediate Succinate. The authors prove that under anaerobiosis during a stroke, succinate dehydrogenase works in reverse direction to produce succinate from fumarate.
  4. Cell biology in Numbers: This is a compendium of numbers of all sorts from Ron Milo’s group in Israel. His group has published several interesting articles such as why do cells have ED pathway instead of EMP pathway. You can download the ebook on numbers here.
  5. Writing a grant: Nature magazine recommend “Unless you’re writing about particle entanglement, use plain and non-technical language whenever possible”.
Misc: Life as a PhD student – The Guardian, a famous newspaper in the UK.

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