Research News – 2

Review on CRISPR-CAS system of genomic editing.

Targeting cancer cell metabolism: Just like the Crabtree effect in S.cerevisiae, Cancer cells have unusually high glycolytic flux as well. Even when there is oxygen available, cancer cells choose to ferment, to accumulate lactic acid. This is known as Warburg effect. I wonder if the excreted lactic acid stresses cancer cells, just as acetic acid is toxic to S.cerevisiae ? In this video – made by Nature Magazine, various ways in which cancer cells can be attacked is discussed.  You can see the a review article comparing the cancer cells and yeast cells here. For bioethanol, we need high glycolytic flux.  It might be interesting to extract some parallels to suit our purpose.

Power, Sex, and Suicide: This was the title of a monograph on Mitochondria, by Nick Lane. The lab at UPenn, where I did my first short spanned and unfinished postdoc, worked extensively on mitochondrial protein import. One of the researchers showed that dysfunctional proteins (in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease)  clog the pores of the neuronal mitochondria and lead to neuronal cell death. This Science article highlights the signalling pathway which makes the high energy cell cycle possible and it is accomplished through the pore protein TOM6. There is cross talk between mitosis and respiration.


Brazil in the UK: The Conversation is an exclusive blog run by Scientists from US, UK and Australia. Their motto is academic rigour and journalistic flair. There is an article on the mascot for the Rio Olympics

Visualising music: Music transcends languages. It triggers our soul in ways that other things fail to stimulate. When one sees the visualisation of a classical music piecee, one can understand the complexity built in its simplicity. It is like an ever flowing waterfall. This video of Debussy’s Claire de Lune was made by some one called Smalin. The same music was used as a background to produce a video on Brockwood by a 16 year old student from Brockwood, the school where I worked. Both are lovely to watch.

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