Being a foreigner at UNICAMP in Brazil

It will be nearly two months since I had left Brockwood. I feel that the time is ripe now to share my ‘first impressions’ on Brazil.  Day 1 The flight from Heathrow took off an hour later than the scheduled time and the captain did not make up for the lost time, in the air. I arrived in Sao Paulo on Wednesday October 22 and I had to take the airport … Continue reading Being a foreigner at UNICAMP in Brazil

Research News – 3

Aiding woodworms for destruction: Scientists in the USA has isolated wood digesting enzymes yet another time. The mollusk attacks ships and scientists were wondering how an organism which lacks enzymes in its gut could accomplish this feat. They discovered a symbiotic relationship between a bacteria living in its gill and the mollusk. A few years ago, experiment was done in ruminants using a fistula which … Continue reading Research News – 3

Research News – 2

Review on CRISPR-CAS system of genomic editing. Targeting cancer cell metabolism: Just like the Crabtree effect in S.cerevisiae, Cancer cells have unusually high glycolytic flux as well. Even when there is oxygen available, cancer cells choose to ferment, to accumulate lactic acid. This is known as Warburg effect. I wonder if the excreted lactic acid stresses cancer cells, just as acetic acid is toxic to S.cerevisiae ? … Continue reading Research News – 2

Research news – 1

Mineral Composition of the Sugarcane Juice and Its Influence on the Ethanol Fermentation: Magnesium seems to aid bioethanol production. The authors analysed the composition of sugarcane juice from three different places in Brazil. The authors recommend keeping the Mg2+ conc. above 600 mg/L to prevent the reduction in the yield. The Point of it all: A PhD student from the US shares his experience on his project. He writes: “Wrestling with a research question is a rewarding … Continue reading Research news – 1

To retire

  The director of IIT Delhi who resigned recently due to dirty politics writes: “Care needs to be taken that the internal differences are not exploited by the outsiders to affect our functioning” The Hindu   A former editor at ‘The Hindu’ submited a resignation letter which was very thoughtful. “There were no selection procedures or prior consultation or evaluation of candidates that are normally … Continue reading To retire