How to Write a Paper to Communicate your Research

When should you begin to think about writing up your research for publication? How do your students handle your approach of writing while you research? How do new technologies help scientists communicate their work? How many drafts does each paper undergo? Do you have your papers undergo an internal review? Do authors need to be thinking of marketing their articles? How concerned should I be … Continue reading How to Write a Paper to Communicate your Research

The Science of Sleep

Nathaniel Kleitman, known as the “father of modern sleep research,” was born in 1895 in Bessarabia—now Moldova—and spent much of his youth on the run. First, pogroms drove him to Palestine; then the First World War chased him to the United States. At the age of twenty, he landed in New York penniless; by twenty-eight, he’d worked his way through City College and earned a … Continue reading The Science of Sleep

Smart Technology and the Future

The police have a very bright future ahead of them – and not just because they can now look up potential suspects on Google. As they embrace the latest technologies, their work is bound to become easier and more effective, raising thorny questions about privacy, civil liberties, and due process. For one, policing is in a good position to profit from “big data“. As the costs of recording … Continue reading Smart Technology and the Future