A twinkling tale of buds

Originally posted on Perpetual Motion of Thought:
With much joy  the grand old yeast said to her daughter, “Look above my little child, see those even stars that toil at night till oblivion, quietly twinkling now and often, with a heart of its own; Responding humbly to the earthly stimuli with its incessant winks;” A remarkable similarity indeed to our microscopic world; regarde, regarde mon… Continue reading A twinkling tale of buds

An out of office reply

Whilst thou searcheth for me utterly, Shalt I be in a faraway place where rain drops would evaporate as they fall on the ground, And Sun’s rays would showeth no mercy and scorch the green leaves and pigs’ backs gladly; And animals of all kinds would stroll leisurely on tarmacked alleys, And the fragrance of many a country flower would waft about, Causing much a … Continue reading An out of office reply

A melange of colours

Light of common day.png

As the long toiled day comes to an end,
and emotions brim to the surface as
we go to bed for another day,
the fingers joyfully play with the colours,
impregnating the imaginations onto a digital canvas, and
the sleep angel dutifully visits the tired eyelids and beckons them to the night land.

This site will house all those imaginations of
many a night from several continents:

www.lightofcommonday.wordpress.com Continue reading “A melange of colours”